Red Devils coaches



Stacey RoutI have been involved in New Zealand ice hockey programs since the early 90’s with the majority being in my hometown of Queenstown; I have represented and captained New Zealand through U16, U18, and also spending 8 years on the Ice Blacks.

Prior to joining the NZIHL championship team Red Devils in 2012 I was a player and assistant captain for the Southern Stampede from the beginning of the NZIHL; later on I also took on the head coach role in 2009, 2010 and hold 3 NZIHL championship titles.

I have coached U19 regional teams for both Southern and Canterbury with four national titles and a second placing in the last 5 years, I am also currently the New Zealand U18 assistant coach a position I have held for the last 4 years. 

This year I have joined the Red Devils as assistant coach to help Anatoly put together another championship team for 2013.


Chris Eaden - I'm a proud trainer of the 'Eaden Project' which works on transforming individuals into superior human beings focusing on making the body more powerful than imagined, also providing a 360 degree insight on fitness.

I have coached numerous elite athletes and sportspeople. Although this is my first official sports conditioning coaching role for a semi-professional team, I have practical knowledge of the sport and physical requirements from competing in the NZIHL and representing the Ice Blacks over the years as a player.