Red Devils coaches



Anatoly Khorozov - professional Ice Hockey Coach over past 15 years in various coaching roles around the world.

I have a proven track record of playing/coaching in various European Leagues. Gaining invaluable knowledge and experience of professional coaches, I have taken the best parts of their systems and developed my own concept of the game. The technique of play developed integrates a physical game together with quick turn-overs to offensive play with cycling in the offensive zone.

With the teams that I have coached, they have progressed significantly under my influence.


Stacey RoutI have been involved in New Zealand ice hockey programs since the early 90’s with the majority being in my hometown of Queenstown; I have represented and captained New Zealand through U16, U18, and also spending 8 years on the Ice Blacks.

Prior to joining the NZIHL championship team Red Devils in 2012 I was a player and assistant captain for the Southern Stampede from the beginning of the NZIHL; later on I also took on the head coach role in 2009, 2010 and hold 3 NZIHL championship titles.

I have coached U19 regional teams for both Southern and Canterbury with four national titles and a second placing in the last 5 years, I am also currently the New Zealand U18 assistant coach a position I have held for the last 4 years. 

This year I have joined the Red Devils as assistant coach to help Anatoly put together another championship team for 2013.


Vince Mitalas -I first joined the Red Devils during the 2005 inaugural season. Previously I played a season in the Australian Ice Hockey League and in competitive leagues in Canada.

2013 will be my second year in a coaching capacity with my primary role in helping shape the roster/line combos and game analysis. Although goaltending is my specialty, I have a keen interest in defensive systems and will be assisting Anatoly using my perspective on north american styles of play. I also have a front line role in import recruitment.

I have previously coached in various capacities at the minor hockey level and I was the NZ U16 assistant coach in 2012.  I am the head coach of the Canterbury u16 Junior Elite League team for 2013.


Chris Eaden - I'm a proud trainer of the 'Eaden Project' which works on transforming individuals into superior human beings focusing on making the body more powerful than imagined, also providing a 360 degree insight on fitness.

I have coached numerous elite athletes and sportspeople. Although this is my first official sports conditioning coaching role for a semi-professional team, I have practical knowledge of the sport and physical requirements from competing in the NZIHL and representing the Ice Blacks over the years as a player.