Sponsorship information

The Canterbury Red Devils play in the New Zealand Ice Hockey League. The Red Devils is self-funded team by primarily student athletes.

The Red Devils had 11 national representative players during the 2012 season.  With our already strong contribution to NZ ice hockey, we as a team aim to be the best ever national league side as well as the stronghold for our national rep teams.  However with limited facilities and high travel costs, sponsors are essential to ensuring the continued viability of this sport with its growing community and commercial appeal.

As our exposure to the Canterbury and wider NZ audiences increases with its growing radio, TV and print coverage, we are excited to offer potential sponsors a number of attractive options to be involved with our team.  Please visit the Sponsorship packages page for information on available packages.  

The Canterbury Red Devils is part of the Canterbury Ice Hockey Association that is approved by the IRD as donee organisation. Individuals can claim tax credits and Maori authorities and companies can claim a tax deduction for any donations made to the Red Devils and the CIHA.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Canterbury Red Devils for the 2013 season, please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about sponsorship options.