NZ Ice Blacks build for the World Champs with two games in Auckland

Feb 4, 2013 - The NZ Men’s Ice Hockey team continue their build-up to the International Ice Hockey Federation tournament in Izmit Turkey in April 2013, with two practice games this weekend at Paradice Botany, Auckland.

The IIHF tournament includes teams from Bulgaria, China, Israel, Mexico and Turkey, with the winning team progressing to the Division I. The New Zealand Ice Blacks start their campaign on the 21st April when they play Bulgaria and finish their quest with the final tournament game against China on the 27th April.

“Competitive game time is crucial to success at this level” said Andy Kaisser, NZ Ice Blacks Head Coach.

“Therefore we have scheduled two games in Auckland to allow us to practice different plays and line combinations. This is a rare opportunity to see the ice Blacks play here in Auckland”

“Team White” will play “Team Black”, with the lines supplemented by other up and coming New Zealand  Representative and International players.

The first game of the weekend starts at the Paradice Botany rink on Friday 8th February at 5.45pm, with the second game on Saturday 9th at 5.45pm at the same rink.

Tickets are only $2 for adults and kids.

“Team Black” : Brett Speirs, Ian Wannamaker, Daniel Nichols, Jamie Lawrence, Stefan Spijkerman, Andrew Hay, Cameron Freer, Andrew Cox, Vince Mitalas (Goalie)

“Team White” : Paris Heyd, Jordan Challis, Jeremy Chai, Keegan Harnett, Nick Henderson, Reagen Wilson, Gareth McLeish, Richard Idoine, Bert Haines, Michael Coleman (Goalie)

Add-on players: Frazer Ellis, Thomas Heather, Dean Tonks, Alex Polozov, Dion Guest, Keegan Maisey, Albie Potgieter, KC Ball, Nick Craig and Sam Boniface.

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