Red Devils JEL

7 years ago the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation introduced the New Zealand Ice Hockey League (NZIHL) to the country. This competition was introduced to improve and extend a large number of senior players giving all the New Zealand Ice Hockey teams a greater depth of players to make their selections from.

In 2010 the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation entered into another exciting new era by introducing the New Zealand Junior Elite league (NZJEL) to the country. This competition runs along similar lines to the NZIHL competition and is made up of players U16 years of age.  The Junior Elite League will have 3 teams – Auckland, Canterbury & Southern. Players eligible to play must be born 15 years before the year of the competition, or earlier, ie. U16.  Imports- non NZ born players are limited to 20% of the team. Players can be male or female.

In 2010 the Canterbury Team won the competition convincingly before the final tournament round had started with a strong contingent of Senior (1995) players.  11 players from the team were selected for the NZD U16 Team.

In 2011 the Canterbury Team faced a variety of struggles which included player availability due to ‘graduation’, financial and personal obstacles with the Feb 2011 Earthquake but managed to field team included some players with dispensation.

In 2012 Canterbury expects some better results and the “potential squad” has had 9 games in 2011 following the end of the JEL season to get ready for 2012. 

2012 Red Devils JEL team

Management and Coaching Staff 
Heather Goodall - league coordinator
Kasheen Kennedy - team manager
Howard Brown - assistant manager
Anatoly Khorozov - head coach
Mike Johnson - assistant coach

Lee Daniel
Johnson Taylor
Goodall Taylor
Brown Shaun
Forgues Leon
Heale Caitlin
Damm Alex
Ratcliffe Jacob
van Stolk Rom
MCBride Harry
Pribula Peter
Pribula Ga'bor
Hill Luke
Kennedy Mason
Kilpelainen Josh
Henderson Connor
Bygate-Smith Moses
Egan Alex
Van Slooten Karl
Weatherley Andrew
Riley Paddy
Austin Elliot
Conley Josh
Fraser Ryan

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