New Zealand ice hockey

The sport has been played in New Zealand for over 70 years and started in the South Island high country where farmers and farm workers played on frozen ponds and lakes. The first organised ice hockey tournament was played at Opawa, near Albury in South Canterbury in 1937 when Wyndham Barker gave a trophy called the Erewhon Cup. A meeting was held afterwards and the New Zealand Ice Skating Association formed. Ice hockey was always the poor relation in the NZISA and it wasn't until 1986 when the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation was formed at a meeting at Lake Tekapo that ice hockey began to flourish.

New Zealand's international debut was at the IIHF D Pool World Championships in Perth, West Australia in 1987 where the team won the Bronze medal. In 2010 the NZIHF will be celebrating it's 25 Anniversery.

New Zealand Senior teams have competed at World Championships regularly since 1995, but success has been elusive and the standard of competition very high. Junior teams began competing in the IIHF Asian/ Oceania Junior Championships in 1998. In 1999 a Bronze medal was achieved in Division 2 of these Championships, and in 2000 the New Zealand Juniors won the Gold Medal in Thailand.

New Zealand teams have regularly crossed the Tasman to play games in Australia against State teams.

Today there are over 1600 registered players in New Zealand, in age group competitions from Under 13 to Senior Mens and Womens teams.

NZIHF Life Members

1999 Ron O'Reilly
2009 Peter Anderson
2009 Darren Blong
2009 Ian Craven
2009 Graeme Glass
2009 Sue Maher
2009 Ed Mason
2009 Jerome Raateland
2009 Trish Roux de Buisson
2009 Neal Roux de Buisson
2009 Marianne Scott
2009 Robin Wilson
2010 Charlie Reid
2010 Ivana Gaffikin