Import Players

See what other imports that have played for the Canterbury Red Devils in the past think of their expreience in New Zealand. Read more >>>

A vital component of NZIHL teams are the import players brought in to improve the level of play and in doing so, improve the individual play of New Zealand born players.  Each team is allowed to dress 5 import players per game however there is no limit as to the number they can carry on a roster.  As our season runs typically from May until the end of August, it provides a perfect opportunity for overseas players to come during their off-season to play during the NZ winter.  The completion of the season leaves enough time to return for the start of the northern hemisphere season. Read more >>>

Discover why international visitors are calling New Zealand the 'holiday of a lifetime'. This section offers you essential information on everything you need to know, from background facts about New Zealand society to the inside word on culture, activities, entertainment and events. Read more >>>